Monday, November 7, 2016

They say I'm depressed

They say I'm depressed and they ask me why
I can't tell them; I won't even try
I used to smile while inside I'd cry
But I can't even smile now

They want to discuss which pills I should take
That will make me whole instead of a flake
There's just one thing I need for God's sake
But I can't figure out how

There was this someone I used to talk to
Whenever I was feeling a little bit blue
But she won't talk to me so what can I do
Can I go back to sleep now?

We used to have fun times, this girl and I
Now there's hardly even a hi
And I'm so sad that I can't even cry
No energy to cry anyhow

So if they get me dope I'll take it I guess
What's one more escape from the truth or less
There's nothing wrong I can fix in this mess
So I guess onward I plow

Can I have some drugs now? Can I have more sleep?
The things I have sowed can I start to reap?
One way or the other I'm into this deep
Can I just talk to her now?

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