Thursday, May 2, 2013

God My All - Song of Ascents

I will serve him with my all
Following each of his commands
Waiting for his every call
He protects me as I serve
And he is all the hope I have
I am my gracious master's slave
My gracious master's slave

I am a steward of God the giver
He entrusts me with his grace
Strengthening me for all my labour
Wiping each tear from my face
He gives me his heritage
Blessings for a future time
All that I have is his not mine
All is his not mine

I am a son of God my Father
And will grow up in his home
Resting wrapped up in his arms
Working his will and not my own
All I want is what he gives
To worship him is why I live
I am a child of God my all
A child of God my all

I serve my gracious Father
With all he's given me
And I rest from all my labour
With his arms surrounding me

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