Monday, February 11, 2013

Zoo Day

Thanks to a friend who has a bunch of kids who has a friend who bought her a zoo pass with a bunch of guest tickets, those pictured here, plus me, plus my son Andy who is standing behind me, spent Sunday afternoon at the Greenville Zoo and the surrounding environs. We had beautiful weather, with skies becoming increasingly cloudy due to the wet coming in, keeping it just warm enough for the animals to enjoy themselves, and just cool enough for the humans to enjoy themselves.

Christine took the smaller kids and my big one to pick up another friend's kid, and the remainder of us spent a while at the park adjoining the zoo.

Greenville's park system is excellent. This park adjoins the Swamp Rabbit Trail, an awesome addition to the Greater Greenville area that ties the city and its suburbs together via bike\walking trail.

There's some of nearly everything at the zoo, even though Calvin insists that for a zoo to be any good requires penguins. Even the smallest member of our troop, 6 month old to the day Lucinda, managed to get up close and personal with the animals.

The animals are not separated by much from the patrons. The iguana was not the only animal that decided a place by the glass the preferred spot to spend the day.

Not only is there a playground outside the zoo, but, in case kids get bored with the animals, there's one in the middle as well. It's designed for younger children, but it managed to amuse the middle-schoolers just as much. There was, in particular, a fun-house mirror which they spend most of the time in front of.

Lucy could have been more thrilled with the park. She didn't care for this tube at all. She did like sitting on, and tasting, the frog, and a rocking parrot.

Andy wanted to make sure everyone got a good look at his brother - Mia the ape, with whom he had a picture taken last year. The baby was larger and very active this year. He stole some gum from Mia's lips with his own, then went swinging around the enclosure.

Greenville has quite a few of this type of statue throughout its common areas, and this bear is a favorite of most people. Anya is leaping away as it sneezes on her. 

Andy, Anya and the baby.

Perhaps in a couple of decades...

We hit the park again afterwards - even after an hour and a half in the zoo, they all still had plenty of energy. This particular activity was very popular.

This is what Calvin enjoyed doing the most. He was fairly proud of standing sideways.

Andy ran into an old friend, Joseph, and got to play with him for a while.

The trip was mainly a special trip for Ransom (above left), who is a budding naturalist, and whose birthday was the day before.

It was a happy day, even for those of us who aren't particularly happy most of the time.

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  1. Looks like a fun day. Thanks to you and Christine for taking Joshua along for the afternoon!